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Here at The Car Scene, it’s all about bringing the car scene to you! With no prejudice or bias. Everything we do also contributes to Ashgate Hospice, having raised £6388.19 so far! Please join our community on Facebook to really keep engaged and get involved.

Since the fall of Max Power, many people have said the car scene in general is dying. We dont believe this to be true. It hasn’t died at all, it has just evolved. Evolved and adapted into something more mature at times, more sedate at times, but even more crazy at times!

The Car Scene Mission?

To show just how lively and how vibrant the scene still is! It’s still a great thing to be part of and with everyone’s help we will make it even greater!

Please keep following us and get involved! We showcase your cars in our online car magazine for everyone to enjoy your story, your build and your blood and sweat. We offer everything you would expect from the car scene and more. Please also keep an eye out for useful articles on modifications, maintenance, competitions and just car stuff in general.

We are predominantly an online car magazine, however expect to see so much more! Our lively Facebook group is just the start of it all. We have big meets, shows, dyno days, track days and also have competitions to come!

If you think we and our visitors would enjoy your story, your car or your advice, then please get in touch! You may see yourself and your car as a feature in our online car magazine very shortly! We like to keep fresh with new regular content for our car enthusiast visitors.

The best part?

We will happily share your instagram page or website on your article or feature for everyone to see! If they are reading your article or viewing your car then they obviously have taken an interest! This is a win win for everyone. Any car enthusiast knows we love seeing cars as much as showing them and vice versa!

Contact The Car Scene at rich@thecarscene.co.uk with your articles, cars to be featured or even fresh ideas to push things to the next level. All is appreciated and makes this site exist today.

Please help The Car Scene be the online car magazine and community of choice.

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