10 budget super saloons you probably didn’t think of!

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Everyone’s idea of what budget super saloons are is going to be different. Everyone’s budget is different and everyone’s idea of super is too.

We do however have our own idea of just that and we would love to share that with you! We are confident some of these unusual budget super saloons you won’t have ever thought of! People generally go for the same over and over again, but some of the not so common super saloons can be hidden gems, and cheaper than their rivals!

Check out our pick of the best budget super saloons ranging from 1k to 10k. These motors offer great value compared to their more popular rivals.

Saab 9-5 2.3T HOT

Credit: saabworld.net

Landing in 1997 and running all the way to 2010 in one form or another, the 9-5 is an unusual looking car to some, but a gem to others.

Sporting 250bhp or 260bhp in the latest version, it is no slouch and was reported as being quicker 40-90mph than the porsche 911 of the day in its early years. 0-60 is reached in less than 6.5s.

Look around and you can pick up an early one for only £1000 or even less. Oil sludge was an issue with these, particularly early models, due to the PCV system so be cautious of this and ideally get one that has had the revision done.

There arent many alternatives at this price point but a Ford Mondeo St220 can be had for just a little more, although these aren’t turbocharged.

Vauxhall Vectra VXR

Credit: Fleetnews.co.uk

The Vectra Vxr is not technically a saloon. It come as either an hatch or estate. However the hatch is as close to a saloon as you could expect from an hatch, with the benefit of a bigger boots with better access and folding seats.

This is far from the fastest on the list but for the price point, you’re hard pushed to find the size and performance any where else.

It came in either 255bhp or 280bhp guise, delivered from the same 2.8 V6 Turbo. Sporting 345mm front brakes and clever adaptive IDS suspension, it was well equipped to stop as well as go.

Whilst Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson had a vendetta against the Vectra VXR, every other journalist of the day, including Evo, praised it hugely. Unfortunately Jeremy’s opinion tarred it forever, meaning they only sold 1001 manuals and a couple dozen autos.

With 0-60 reached in 6.1s and 100mph in 14.5s. This FWD big bus can definitely shift.

Alternatives are the saab 9-3 and the more powerful, AWD Insignia VXR

Prices start at around £2500 but command up to and around £6000 for a very good example.

Check out Rich’s or Adam’s for inspiration

Mercedes C32 AMG

Credit: Autoevolution.com

Moving up a notch now, in comes the C32 AMG.

Powered by a 354bhp 3.2 V6 supercharged engine, this compact saloon was left in the shadows by its 2 main rivals, the BMW e46 M3 and the Audi S4. Other than heritage of the names, there is literally no reason for that though.

The C32 is clearly a faster car than both of its rivals and also makes for a bargain buy now in comparison to the M3. It also has a little more scope for more power in comparison by changing supercharger pulleys and porting.

In standard form these hit 60 in just over 5s and comfortably hit mid 13 in the 1/4 mile. Not bad at all for a car that can do all this, whilst carrying the family and luggage all for just £4000.

This is one of my top picks when it comes to unusual super saloon hidden gems. However keep a look out for rust as they are all starting to fall victim to it now.

Alternative for similar money would be an Audi B6 S4 if you prefer AWD V8

Jaguar S Type R

Credit: Autocar.co.uk

Ok so what if you want the performance of the C32 but want that extra room that a bigger saloon has to offer? Then the Jaguar S Type R may just be the car for you!

The 4.2 supercharged heart of this bulky Jaguar is enough to propel it to 60 in 5.2s. Similar performance figures to the C32 for around the same price too, from only £4000. This is thanks to the muscular 400bhp and 408ftlb of torque.

Expect to get comments such as “it’s not a proper Jag” but you aren’t going to hear them for long when you’ve left them behind in your dust!

I just can’t see these depreciating any more than what they have right now. A real bargain super saloon if you like marmite.

The standard V8 S Type is also an alternative if you want more subtle looks and you’re happy with 75% of the power for less than 50% of the price!

Maserati Quattroporte

Another 4.2 V8 but what better than wrapped in an Italian shell? Who would think you could now own such an exotic Italian badge for less than £10k?

With 400bhp, just like the Jag, the 2004 manual Quattroporte is capable of 0-60 in around 5s, with the auto being slightly behind that.

Unlike most super saloons, this Maserati doesn’t have a speed limiter so is easily capable of making it all the way to 170mph top speed.

This car isn’t just about the performance though, its about the status. The looks aren’t to every ones taste, but who can argue with that badge?

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