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How did I end up with a Golf drag car? Well it was a slippery slope. Starting from the interest I gained in cars from a very young age!

I can’t really remember an exact moment I got in to cars. My mum claims there wasn’t really a moment, but instead it kind of just happened.

The Fast and the furious series most definitely helped reinforce my interest. However who wasn’t influenced by that series!

My VW Golf come drag car

I’ve always loved the mk3 VW Golf, so 5 years ago I actually bought one. It was a trusty and economical 1.9TDI AHU 90bhp.

Over the 5 years of ownership it has progressed to the next level!

The engine itself may still be stock, however the rest of the car is far from it.

With a current personal best at Santapod of 13.7 @ 101mph, you can imagine it’s hardly a standard 90bhp golf!

The car now churns out 214bhp and 614nm torque. The stripped out nature of the car and lightweight panels all help with the times! I’ve even fitted smaller brakes to accommodate smaller, lighter wheels and tyres! It has so much more potential to give though.

I’ve got meth and nos fitted but am still to experiment with it. I think 12s should be easily attainable once I’ve got it all set up on the nos, but for now, new tyres and low 13s will do!

Future plans

Theres no reason I shouldnt be hitting the 12s once I utilise everything I already have fully. However I do have plans to go even more.

Currently I have a forged engine build on the go. With all the goodies in place and strapped on, I really do think 10s are a realistic time to acheive on this big build. The aim would be 450bhp+ and 900nm. That, in conjunction with the weight, we cant be far off!


  • 214bhp 614nm
  • .320 injectors
  • Pd130 intake manifold
  • Huge S14 intercooler
  • Chipped and socketed ecu
  • JCB turbo that spools at 2300rpm
  • Plastic windows
  • Fibreglass wings
  • Fibreglass bonnet
  • Fibreglass tailgate
  • Polybushed
  • Stripped out
  • Quaiffe lsd
  • Twin plate CG motorsport clutch
  • 15in vms wheels
  • 24.5 m&h slicks
  • Meth
  • Nos

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