Connor’s mental RB25 Talbot Sunbeam

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How it all started!

The renowned RB25 engine is one of the most iconic engines out there. But what happens when you put it in a retro hatchback?

Connor Fretsome has the answer! With his mental RB25 Talbot Sunbeam.

So it begins

Where it all began.

Growing up I was surrounded by Talbot sunbeam. My dad loved the cars. The thing back then was to lighten, balance and carbs.

Times have moved on and I’ve also grown up. So I took my own route and did it my way. A RB25 was the choice I made and I’m glad for it.

RB25 + one big turbo = Mental Talbot Sunbeam!

Who needs a bonnet anyway?

Future plans?

Over the 4 years I have now owned it, it has changed a huge amount.

Most people say its mental enough as it is, but theres always room for more!

My plan over the winter is to swap the turbo for an even bigger one along with bigger injectors! We hope that it should then be good to join the 700bhp club.

Whilst I do use the car in summer it’s mainly a show piece. The lack of wipers, heaters and even a bonnet does some what limit its daily practical use.

It did used to have a bonnet, however having a play with a lambo made sure to get rid of it! It’s a look that was accidental but a look that I like.

Not at all out of place.

I still try my hardest to get out in it though when ever I can. It always puts a smile on my face when out pulling a 450 bhp evo, or wheel spinning at 3 figure speeds. Not bad for a shell that stated off life as a 1.0 ragtop!

Spec list

  • 472wbhp
  • Fully Forged RB25 engine
  • Pec rods
  • Pec Pistons
  • Crank skimmed
  • Stage 5 CG clutch
  • Prt matched tubular manifold
  • Holaet HX40 Turbo
  • Turbosmart wastegate
  • Greddy intake manifold
  • R35 650cc injectors
  • 3″ boost pipes
  • RB25 alloy rad
  • Large FMIC
  • Oil cooler
  • Fully adjustable Mk2 escort running gear
  • Rose jointed front to back
  • Atlas rear axle
  • Wildwood front brakes
  • Cosworth rear brakes
  • 13″ Mini lights 13x9j
  • Bilstein Mk2 escort front Coilovers
  • Mx5 rear coilovers
  • Ford Pop seats
  • Digi dash
No bonnet has its advantages

You can follow Connor’s mental RB25 Talbot Sunbeam build on his instagram page

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