Craig’s F31 BMW 335i

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My current choice of weapons? The BMW F31 335i, tuned to exactly how I want it.

I’ve been a BMW nut since being a young lad. I have very old memories of cars so I think I’ve genuinely been interested in motors since birth!

Growing up my parents owned a BMW e24 635csi. Beautiful car. It does make me wonder if that’s where my crazy obsession with BMWs stemmed from!

I didn’t start with a BMW, I actually started in a Fiat uno and a Volvo 440, but then I was only 16! It didn’t stop me modifying the cars though. It paved the way for my future of motoring.

My old 535i Turbo!

Previous and current cars

When I say that I’ve had my fair share of cars over the years, it’s safe to say I’m not exaggerating.

The fleet.

Along with my current F31 335i, I also own an e31 840ci, a F21 120d and a Fiesta Zetec S TDCI as a daily drive.

Although I’m now on my 88th BMW… yes you read that right, I have also owned other makes and models.

E36 M3

The highlights would be a Nissan Pulsar GTiR, Nissan 200sx and a Fiesta RS Turbo to name but a few.

Always end up back at BMW though. I can’t help but feed the addiction. I’ve had modified and standard examples of many of the models and engine variants.

840ci anyone?

One that stays in my mind is the e34 535i I previously owned. I thought it seemed a good idea to slap a nice big turbo on it with a straight pipe and no back boxes. Fond memories!

My old 535i turbo.

My current F31 BMW 335i

I’ve got a lot of love for my current BMW F31 335i. The fact it is so rare only helps that case. With only around 100 in this country, it’s not a motor that is seen too often. Basically an estate with a M2 engine thrown in it.

My 335i benefits from having approx 440bhp so she definitely doesn’t hang around. This is all courtesy of the modifications I have done to it.

Whilst 440bhp may seem ample, there always room for more!

That’s where the future planned high pressure fuel pump and a pure stage 2 turbo will come in handy. Seeing me to approx 600bhp! I think that should just about do me.


  • Approx 440bhp
  • K&N panel filter
  • Downpipe
  • Performance exhaust
  • Intercooler
  • M4 spark plugs
  • MHD stage 2+ software
  • Eibach spring
  • M3 Wheel set up
  • M performance kit
  • Carbon fibre accessories

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