Craig’s super clean, modded Civic Type R EP3

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Craig’s modded Civic Type R is his pride and joy. It’s his passion, his hobby, his baby. The condition and how clean he keeps it is hard word to some, but for Craig, it’s a pleasure and it comes naturally.

Early days

Craig’s dad was a car enthusiast who owned a selection of motors that he most likely wishes he kept hold of. These ranged from a XR2i to Cavaliers. It was only natural Craig would follow his lead.

Years rolled by and his interest grew. As is probably so familiar to you if you’re reading this now!

Starting with a Peugeot 306, what young lad wouldn’t be happy to be now driving. The freedom, the joy, the modding! Little time was wasted before the 306 started to become Craig’s. However the EP3 was the car that the 306 would never be.

Being only 19, insurance is quite a touchy subject. Insurance companies make it very difficult to get on the car ladder. So the 1.6 EP2 will have to do! Whilst it didnt have the performance of an EP3, the subtle track look he went for at least made it start looking as fast at least!

My modded Civic Type R EP3

As time went by, insurance became reasonable so he seized his moment. Craig finally purchased the EP3 that he longed for.

Over the 6 year he has now owned the car, it has evolved into what it is today. From a modest standard EP3 to a very clean, modded Civic Type R. It’s been his obsession. So much so that eventually he felt confident enough to start entering in to show and shine competitions. Winning isn’t even the main goal. It’s people seeing how clean it is that really pushes Craig to clean even more!

Whilst not every ones cup of tea, the air ride is what makes Craig grin the most. The surprise on faces when he successfully makes it over the bumps that they all thought would be a disaster! Oh how sweet a feeling.

It’s true what people say about Honda reliability. Six long years, 70k miles and all that has been needed is general servicing and wear and tear. Now you can’t grumble at them facts. A show car that is used daily. Only in a Honda!

The only way he’d would ever be moving to another project is if he got his hands on a k20 engine and an old IMP to make an Honda powered old school project. So maybe keep an eye out for that one! But in the mean time, keep an eye on the show and shines near you!

Full spec of Craig’s show ready, modded Civic Type R on the next page.

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