First Official Meet 2/08/20


The first official meet is just the start of things to come at The Car Scene.

We only started the site and online car magazine less than a week ago and already we have a great community and following. Whilst we have our Facebook page and Instagram page, I feel it’s the Facebook discussion group and community that has really took off. I really do feel that if this momentum keeps up then there is no reason that our vision won’t become reality.

Our first official meet is to be hosted at Shirebrook Staff sports and social club. Full details can be found by clicking our event on Facebook. Please click ‘Going’ if you can make it so we can guage how busy it may be on the day. We would love to see a diverse selection of cars there on the day! Modded, classic, sporta, daily. Let’s make it a meet to remember! The start of good things to come.

Our intentions are to start with meets but eventually we want to cover most things such as dyno days, track days, raffles and even shows. By bringing the entire car scene together, we think this is possible. We just need to keep the sharing and the inviting going to make this a real community that we can all be proud of.

The plan is to bring all this together and keep up to date by the use of this website and online car magazine. We will cover all our events for the people who couldnt make it on the day. We will also keep featuring members fantastic cars and also have useful articles from industry experts.

The magazine will be here to stay and I hope you all will continue to read.

Do you want your car to have a feature like this? Get in touch and link back to your Instagram! Please follow and share us on Facebook and Instagram too if you love all things cars!

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