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My unique Corsa VXR Nurburgring edition isn’t to everyone’s taste and it never will be, but it makes me happy and that’s what really matters.

I’ve had three Corsa D’s since I started learning to drive in 2013. I find them easy to drive, simple inside and out and I’ve never had any major problem with any of the ones I’ve owned. They’re also very cheap on insurance which means more money for modifications!

I’ve always loved Vauxhall’s factory Chilli Orange colour as it’s one you very rarely see, so having a car in that colour has always been a dream for me. I’ve had my Corss VXR four years in October and I can hand on heart say I’m still not bored of the car and I’m still very much as smitten as I was the day I bought her.

I’m aware that there are plenty of better cars out there and for the amount I’ve spent on my VXR, I could have bought something really nice! This car has sentimental value to me however and I’ve really made it my own over the years. To me I feel this is what it’s all about in the car scene, you’ve got to be different! You have to make it your own!

The making of my unique Corsa VXR and the journey that came with it.

I feel it’s genuinely easier to tell you what I’ve not done to the car now rather than what I have. Although it’s all cosmetic, there really is a lot to list! I actually dread it when it comes to insurance renewal time! To keep it short, there’s plenty of glitter and Chilli Orange touches all over the car inside and out. Also inside I have a half roll cage and a strut bar complete with an alcantara fitted floor.

Outside i have Maxton bonnet vents, DNA rear lights and lots of leopard print! Underneath I have a fully decatted exhaust system which pops and burbles like a beauty! Performance wise I also have an Airtec front mount intercooler but I’m not chasing any more power. I went from 73 horsepower to 205, its plenty for me!

My plan next for the car is another strut bar with race net, air ride and some nice new shiny alloy wheels! Most expensive purchase? It will be the air ride for sure! I’ve done so much over the years, that’s the only modifications I have left to do! I’m very much looking forward to it all! But then I’m also looking forward to having a bank account with money in it and being able to enjoy the car finally finished!

My other passion that I have in the car scene is my Vauxhall group, The Griffin Gang. This is a Vauxhall only club based in the East Midlands, where I’m from, and has been around since November 2016. I bought my Corsa VXR in the October and I decided to set TGG up when I couldn’t sleep on one November night. Looking back nearly four years later now, I’m glad I couldn’t sleep!

Knowing nothing about cars except how to put washer fluid and petrol in it, I didn’t expect anything to come of it but how wrong was I! With nearly 10,000 members now, I couldn’t be more proud.

The club was made because I wanted to make friends and bring people together who have the same passion as me. I’ve definitely made some friends for life during the last four years and I hope that I make many more as the club gets bigger and keeps growing stronger.

The club has done a lot more for me than most people realise. It’s helped me mentally and keeps me busy during my spare time. I used to be a very shy person. I wouldn’t talk to anyone new and I hated the thought of standing out. Since starting The Griffin Gang, that’s definitely changed, I’ve really come out my shell. I now love meeting new people, getting to know them and talking about their cars aswell as mine.

It’s also been a learning journey as I’m still no expert on cars. I now know a hell of a lot more than I did four years ago though and that’s put me in a position to try and help people like me, from 4 year ago.

As a club we’ve been to Trax Donington in 2019 and Performance Vauxhall Show every year which have had numbers of 60+ cars on my stand. I know numbers aren’t everything but it’s nice to know that I’ve got a good lot of people and cars wanting to share the experience with me, my reps and the rest of the club.

Next year when the pandemic is hopefully over I plan to go to as many shows and meets as possible with everyone and do as many local mini meets as I can fit in!

During lockdown I also created a website to make it easier for members to buy club merchandise. I’ve been doing club merchandise from around six months in and it’s always been very popular. I started with small stickers, then moved onto clothing and I’ve recently brought out what’s the beginning of a detailing line with quick detailer and some spray air fresheners which I’ve had some good feedback from.

I’m always looking for the next best thing to keep members interested but it’s nice that even four years on people still want to rep the club when they’re out and about through stickers and clothing.

My passions in life are my car and the club. I honestly don’t know what I was interested in before The Griffin Gang but this hobby is here to stay! I’ve never been this passionate about anything in my life but as the saying goes, what you put in, you get out, and it’s very rewarding being the owner of something that I never thought would go anywhere.

I have to thank all the members who have joined over the years and stuck around because the club would be nothing without them! Nor would my unique Corsa VXR.

Written by Gemma Rouse of The Griffin Gang. Edited by Rich Goodall of The Car Scene

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