Here’s to 2021, the year of the car

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This year certainly has not been the year of the car so far.

2020 seems to be passing us by, only viewed through a window by many. Unfortunately not a car window either. We all had so many plans, plans that have been left in tatters.

We can’t change what is happening in the world. It’s certainly a mad place and time to live in. However we can look forward to the future!

We accepted we have lost the first half of the summer car calender to the coronavirus, however the likes of Kelsey have now canceled the rest of the years events such as Trax ad Japfest. More events are likely to remain affected for this year too. The ones going a head will have restrictions and some more may be cancelled.

After coasting through 2020, we need to go into 2021 at full throttle and make it the year of the car!

The plan

Here at The Car Scene we vow that next year will be the start of something great. We are already building a fantastic community, especially in our facebook group. Our first meet is this Sunday and it is looking likely to be an event that will be a fantastic kick start. We will also try and arrange a few more in the coming months. There is also the likes of Santapod still going a head.

Next year we will only get stronger. We will have regular meets, that’s for certain. It won’t stop there though. If we expect to be “The Car Scene”, we need to be so much more than just a group or online magazine. We need to bring the community together and host things for all car enthusiasts regularly.

Along with our online car magazine and meets, we will be organising dyno days, track days, competitions and even shows once we have the numbers.

Please help spread the word

Our vision may be bold but it’s something we are passionate about creating for the car scene and community. Please just help us on the way by inviting a few of your car enthusiast friends to join in on the conversions on our Facebook group. Or click on the share at the top of this page. It’s much appreciated!

Let’s bring the entire car scene together and make 2021 something special. The year of the car!

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