How to get cheaper car insurance – Top Tips


Everyone wants cheaper car insurance. We still have to remain realistic though. It’s about getting the best deal for your circumstances. Without lying!

Car insurance is one of the inevitables in life. If you want a car, you must have insurance. We all know that, yet some drive around unknowingly uninsured due to not realising how important the finer details are!

So let’s go through things from the start.

Tip 1) Get a quote via a comparison site

First port of call is to get some quotes. The best option is to head to a comparison site such as Confused, Gocompare or Compare the market.

Head over to Confused by clicking the banner below:


Once you have ran the details through a mainstream comparison engine such as confused. Head over to Quotezone and run it through there. We have had great results from Quotezone in the past, but it’s not the case for everyone.

Once the comparison engines have been explored, it’s time to move on to the specialists.

Tip 2) Specialist brokers

Comparison engines work fantastic for the general population with average cars. We know not all cars at TheCarScene are “average” though.

Once you have something a little more unique, modified or imported, its important to seek specialist advice.

There are a few big names that many people will know when it comes to specialist insurance. These are typically Adrian flux, Greenlight, Brentacre and Sky insurance.

There are many smaller hidden gems though and they are well worth trying!

Our hidden gem that we found recently through the group is Need to Insure at Mansfield.

Need to Insure provided us a cracking price on our Mini Cooper S track car project so that we can get to Track.

Remember to tell Adrian Flux and Need to Insure that you came from TheCarScene for the best discounts and offer!

The policy works perfect for us and was cheaper than all of the comparison engines. Even though the comparison sites were just standard car quotes too.

Which brings us to the next point.

Tip 3) Don’t lie!

Whilst it seems obvious, it’s all too tempting to twist the truth at times in hope of it making the price cheaper.

If the car is parked on the street at night, say that! Don’t pretend it’s in a locked garage, especially when you don’t even have one. If the worst was to happen, you could be left uninsured and lose out completely. In fact believe it or not, many times it’s actually on the road that is the cheaper quote.

This applies for all details regarding you, any additional drivers and the car.

One of the main things people lie about are modifications. If you lie about these, you aren’t insured, it’s as simple as that!

If you were in an accident you will quickly find out things go from bad to worse and you will be liable.

Some modified policies actually end up cheaper than standard! As proven with our Mini.

Tip 4) Additional drivers

The other main thing people lie about is who the main driver is.

If it’s you car, don’t claim it’s actually your mums!

That’s not to say you can’t have your mum as a 2nd driver. Having a more experienced driver on your policy has been known to bring the price down. It has however been known to put it up too so check both!

Tip 5) Pay in full

If you’re young, I’d suggest monthly as it will be easier to manage given that the quote will likely be high. There is also the added benefit it may help for you credit score for when it’s needed.

If however you are a little more, lets say mature.. You may save a decent packet but paying the full amount up front.

There are pros and cons to paying up front but if you can afford to do it, it will certainly save you money.

Tip 6) Security

Especially with older specialist cars, you may be expected to have additional security in the form of an alarm or a tracker.

This may sound pricey. However if it’s going to reduce your insurance quote, it may actually pay for itself! You may end up better off for it!

Tip 7) Job titles

Are you a chef or are you a cook, maybe even a kitchen worker? All 3 are ways to describe the same job.

You may think if it’s the same job, it’s the same price? Not always true.

It’s always worth trying to play withthe job title a little. Just don’t ever actually lie!

Tip 8) Cashback

This is a top tip for anything you purchase.

Sites such as Quidco list dozens of insurers. If you proceed to purchase insurance through a link from Quidco, you will earn cashback. Sometimes it can be sizable amount for services too.

Once you’ve had a quote from confused, its always worth checking with the insurer via Quidco to see if you can get cashback too!

Be aware that cashback, whilst usually goes smoothly, can sometimes go wrong and not track correctly. I always treat cashback as a big bonus, not a guarantee.

Also works well for AA and RAC cover!

Tip 9) Mileage usage

Always make sure you have given the policy enough miles for what you will actually use in the year.

One thing I discovered some years ago though was that the difference between 4999 and 5000 may be more than you realise.

Not all insurers give the option and not all will see it the same way, but its certainly worth a try as I’ve had some success in the past.

Tip 10) Time and Experience

This one may be obvious but without time, you can’t have experience.

Insurers know this and that is ultimately the main influence on your price.

Keep that slate clean, build up no claims bonus, get older! The price will come down with these things!

Tip 11) The right car

It goes without saying that a super saloon is going to cost a lot more than a wee hot hatch.

If you are finding it difficult to insure your BMW at 17, maybe it’s time to look at smaller, modest options until that time really does rack up!

As said, give it time! We all started somewhere and we have all had to go through it too.

There’s a limit to cheaper car insurance. There are no huge secrets as such. However follow these basic tips and you should find your cheapest car insurance quotes with ease. All whilst staying above board!

Got a suggestion for the list? Please leave a comment!

Written and edited by Richard Goodall.

Article may contain some affiliate links, meaning reward may be given to us if certain actions are taken. This does not affect our judgement for recommendation however.

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