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A TD05 3000GT wasn’t my first experience of the GTO world, but I’m glad it’s where I’ve ended up.

Ever since the age of 10 it has been my childhood dream to own a GTO. To many people that would seem to be a very under ambitious target, but not me! I think Gran Turismo has a lot to answer for! The only thing that stopped me was the insurance premiums quotes of £3k plus! But now at a more “senior age” and many years NCB, it seemed the time was right.

3 years ago I purchased a Mk1 Mitsubishi GTO on a budget.

1st 280bhp GTO – The Mistake


Anyone who knows these car would agree to never buy cheap! As you’re only buying trouble with cheap GTOs. Being a newbie to the GTO scene I quickly realised I had bought a nail. After a few months of breakdown and heartache I sold her on, needing alot of tlc.

But still intend on fulfilling my childhood ambition, I added a few more grand and bought another.

2nd 320bhp GTO – The next step

320bhp mk2

At 320bhp as standard with a 6speed box, I bought a Mk2 Mitsubishi GTO. She was smooth and fierce!! I landed lucky as I purchased with a hidden gem. Unknown to me and the seller she was sat on gold, literally… 18′ Desmond ragamaster alloys… These are super Light Weight, forged racing wheels made in Russia. If you do your research they are rare as hens teeth in good condition. Needing a refurb I set to it. I had them diamond cut and they looked mint!

Now the wheels were looking well it was time for a respray, I was willing to spend some serious cash on her! But first I decided I must run her for some time to check how good and reliable she really is before investing more dosh into her. So to the track I went! Man that was some good fun!

Donnington park

Now I found myself wanting more power. The more time I went down the strip the hungrier a became. Its infectious!

I soon found myself looking at bigger turbos, FMIC, chrome ecu, THE LIST WAS ENDLESS! I was prepared to chuck some serious coin at this old girl, but Luckily I found the keeper!!!

3rd 530bhp UK 3000GT – The Keeper


The previous owner built this car over the 10 year period that he owned her. Putting blood and sweat into its every detail it now sported fully custom wider body with custom rear ducktail. The engine has been fully forged and custom TD05 evo twin turbo conversion added. It was even tuned by himself to kick out 530bhp. This guy certainly knew how to make a fast TD05 3000GT.

This car is completely custom in just about every respect. It’s so much faster, prettier and to an higher spec in every field than I could have made out of the blue GTO. I do feel that I bought, not built, but I did the right thing in saving this beauty! It was due to be stripped for parts before I stepped in to give her a new home. Not only a new home, but a new home where she will be used for what she was built for too!

All credit for the build of this magnificent car goes to Dave Fidler and you will soon be able to read his full build write up here at The Car Scene.

Not managed to take her santa pod yet due to the current pandemic. But I can’t tell you she ran 0-60mph in 3.59 seconds in the very limited, less than ideal tests I’ve done. Dave also managed a 11.6 @ 127mph on a previous tune at Elvington TOTB event.

Buying this car was the obvious decision for me, Dave spent years and an awful lot of money building her. It’s like it was made for me! It fits just so well to what I imagined I wanted to build myself. A perfect example of a TD05 3000GT. A genuine UK model too.

Keep an eye out for the stats when I finally get her to the strip. I’m already planning on adding meth injection to squeeze a little more out of her! Only thing I’ve done so far is added the plate but I’ve got the bug for spending on her already haha.

Check out the full spec list and dyno sheet on the next page!

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