Jay’s 530bhp Twin TD05 3000GT

Cars Mitsubishi

Current Specification

Engine & Drivetrain


Twin TD05 16G Turbos

Clone ecu

MAFT_PRO ecu piggyback

Bigger MAF

Sytec adjustable fuel regulator

Walbro 450lph pump

Aircon delete

Blitz SBC ID boost controlelr

Wideband innovate kit and 4 guages

680cc injectors

Fully forged engine

3in FMIC with hardpipes

Full stainless exhaust

Aftermarket air fiters

Custom exhaust manifolds

External wastegate x2

Performance clutch


D2 Coilovers

EVO X Big brake kit Front

Red stuff discs and pads Rear

Stainless brake lines


Full 99 MK4 GTO conversion

Custom vents bonnet and wings with altered arch

Rear ducktail

Sail Panels

Candy orange custom paint job

19″ TN12 Alloy wheels

Latest Dyno sheet before current tune

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