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John Gibbs’ project Corsa B is only just starting its journey really, he has big plans for it. However he is no stranger to the world of small Vauxhalls.

John’s first car was actually a MK2 Ford Fiesta, however it wasn’t long until he found his love for Vauxhalls. Having chosen a side in the age old rivalry his first weapon of choose after the Fiesta was a 1.2 Vauxhall Nova. If it wasn’t for the fact Novas fetch too much money now, it’s most likely this project would be based on another Nova and not the Corsa John tells me! Doesn’t make the Corsa B any less of a worthy base however!

Being a Mot tester and mechanic gives John the upper hand when it comes to getting this project off the ground, The fact that he started this same conversion on his old Nova but never had the chance to finish it just makes him even more determined to make it happen this time! Having stripped his fair share of Corsa Bs over the years for parts, he certainly knows his way around them.

The Corsa started life as a 1.0 but it did have a 2.0 8v bodged in to it at some point. John however bought it as a shell and fitted his c20xe in to it and ran it for a few month before taking it out and selling the engine in preparation of fitting the new Corsa vxr engine.

Out of the new and in to the old!

This project Corsa B is still a long way from being done yet but keep checking back for more updates! His last Corsa B acheived a 14.4s at Santapod during last years Vauxhall show. I suspect this will smash that time once its finished!

Finished project post to follow in the not so distant future! We look forward to it!

Current spec

  • 1.6 Turbo VXR engine and loom
  • C20xe f20 gearbox, clutch and flywheel
  • Big block hubs and driveshafts
  • Calibra V6 288mm discs
  • Spax rsx coilovers
  • Rear anti roll bar with standard anti roll bar
  • Front anti roll bar
  • Poly bushed front arms
  • Bucket seats
  • Strut braces
  • Custom exhaust system
  • 15inch Cesaro alloys
  • S1600 spoiler
  • Wind deflectors
  • GTE hybrid bonnet vents
  • Smoke clear rear lights
  • German Depo front lights

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