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What made me choose my Fiesta ST180? It was a very simple and obvious choice for me.

I had previously owned a 1.0 EcoBoost Fiesta that always served me well. Wanting something better and faster, why not go for the flagship of what I already have?

As soon as I test drove her, I knew I was making the right decision.

The power, the handling, the way it put it all to the tarmac. It was perfect for me!

I know I made the right decision that day, as other than an aged coolant pipe, the car has been faultless, even after modifying it!

Tell us more about yourself

Well I live in Derbyshire, in a little town called Bolsover.

I’ve got quite a bit of back ground in the car and automotive industry, currently working at Cavendish Motors, LandRover specialist in Chesterfield.

Previously I’ve also spent time as part of a pit crew for a Nostalgic 3500bhp Funny car at Santapod.

The time at Santapod was one of the best experiences I could ever have wished for. It’s something I am very grateful to be a part of.

Being able to work on such a machine and be right behind it as the monster laid 3500bhp to the Tarmac at Santapod. It really was something else!

I have also tried to channel some of my interest in cars towards a good cause.

Myself and a friend invested into CarsForCharity decals in hope we could raise money for the same cause that TheCarScene support, Ashgate Hospicecare.

It’s a fantastic charity and one that means a lot to me, and many others in our area. I am happy to try and support everywhere I can. Although it didn’t go quite to plan, we still raised awareness and a modest amount in their year of need due to Covid preventing much of their fundraising.

Back to the Fiesta ST180. What have you done to it?

I regularly service her as any car enthusiast should and would. She is my pride and joy so I like to think I take care of my car!

Other than the coolant pipe previously mentioned, I have literally only changed the Tyres in a repair aspect. They were worn so I swapped them!

Modifications however, I’m now well on my way!

  • Stage 1R remap from Pumaspeed
  • R sport intake system
  • GFB diverted valve
  • Scorpion 3″ non res cat back exhaust system
  • Full auto beam light kit all round
  • Lightbrows

The plan is hopefully push to stage 2 at 260bhp eventually but I’m happy as it is for the time being. I’m not going chasing figures just yet.

Cosmetic wise though, I would like to get on with a few more mods soon to smarten it up.

First on the list would be to lower it just a bit. Followed closely by a front splitter and rear difusser. I just think that would set it off nicely!

It’s been fully polished and sealed but that won’t stop me doing it again before the Spring!

What’s happening in Spring?

Possibly not a lot with the current covid situation. However I would like to get to a few more shows next year if at all possible.

I’m not in to the stance scene but I do enjoy my cars. So I’ll definitely be at a few selected shows.

Being around Santapod I’d also love to arrange a weekender there for the TheCarScene community, if situations allow. For one of the main events!

It’s a really good laugh and I think some of the girls and boys in the group would make it for a very entertaining time!

I wouldn’t say no to RWYB there either. However it would be more about enjoying it than chasing numbers for me.

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