Josh’s Mini Conversion

Cars Mini

Written by Josh Riley, edited by Rich_TheCarScene

My Mini conversion actually started life as a 1.6 diesel. Perfect for a family car. Good size, 140bhp and made all the right noises. It even had a bit of torque and did 55mpg comfortably. What more could you want right!?

The decision was taken out of my hands when the inevitable happened. The infamous dv6 engine which is commonly in Peugeot’s and Citroen’s decided to fail.
Inevitably I now had the decision to replace the engine and end up back at square one or do a full engine conversion. So I thought long and hard for atleast 5 minutes, maybe 6, and decided to go for the swap!

The n14 cooper s engine was the weapon of choice. I bought a 60k mile R56 with loads of history and it only cost me £2500. Result!

The Mini conversion

The conversion involved a full interior strip to change the chassis loom to a clubman s loom. Was an involved task but it was nessacary to make the ecu plugs fit. Huge strip down from head to toe. The engine goes in with no changes though at least. Took me 7 full days to complete the process and have her ready for the road. All in a weeks work!

Weight saving next level?

Full mod list and full specification on the next page.

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