Kerry’s 2007 FN2 Civic Type R GT

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Owner and write up by:

Kerry Robertson, 36

Assistant Cook,

Mum of 2

Isle of Wight

The journey towards my FN2 Type R

Driving has been my ‘Therapy’ for many years, long drives with some music on… That chance to zone out and just enjoy the drive. Bliss… 

My very 1st cars were old school Ford Fiesta’s… To put into context… my 1st cost £100, a Black & Grey Fiesta Festival. Followed by a White Mk 3, a £200 bargain!!

However, when I drove my partners, at the time, Red 80’s Honda CRX… I fell in love & that’s where my heart has stayed, with Honda!

In 2007, I purchased my, at the time, dream car, a Honda CRX Del Sol in Emerald Green… Beautiful. A great drive, Brilliant in the summer with the Taga roof off.

The mods began with a full bodykit, However, this dream got shattered, before the kit even got painted. When sat in traffic I was reversed into by a Transit van minibus. They had set off, realised a car was coming and reversed without even realising I was there!

I was gutted. The car was a write off. 

After that I had a few different cars; a Limited Edition Suzuki Vitara Rossini, Metallic Pink with a White hard top removable roof, Cream Leather interior & sitting on some gorgeous alloys. I travelled to Birmingham, from the Isle of Wight, to get this car. My 1st time driving on the mainland was driving this beauty home! 

Then a Metallic Olive Green Rover 45, Nice car to drive, got me from A to B and looked ok. This got written off in a rear end shunt, again whilst I was sat in traffic… I vowed after that no more green cars!! 

I then purchased my 3rd Fiesta, a Blue Mk 4. I kept this car until after I had my 1st child & then purchased a 5 door, a gold Rover 25.

We moved house & grew, after a couple of years, we had another child so was on the look out for a bigger car.

After getting divorced, and gaining a dog, the rover was sold & the practical daily was purchased, A Citroen Picasso Desire. I dubbed it ‘The Mummy Mobile’

I’d go to local shows & was interested in & still loved cars. The desire to have a fun car for myself was still there, but I felt I wasn’t in any position to do so, as a single mum of 2.

A few years down the line with the children now at school & being back at work, I was finally in a position to follow my dream.

The fun begins!

After a bit of research I had my mind made up on a Honda Civic Type R (FN2, 2Ltr Vtec)… Not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s what was on the cards for me, so I kept my eyes peeled.

With the help of a good  friend, whos also a mobile mechanic, we viewed a fair few.

Type R’s are known to be ragged & raced and would have issues etc. Eventually through the grapevine, my friend heard of someone selling one, he went to view it for me & it was near perfect. The same day, in fact it was a matter of hours, she was paid for & even delivered.  That was March this year, 2020.

Then the mods began

Modifications so far to date:

(Black alloys – were on the car when I bought her)

  • @Vibe Audio Slick Range: Twin 12Inch Sub Unit , Slick6 Speakers & tweeters & Powerbox Amp.
  • Pioneer Double Din Head DAB Unit
  • Refurbed, Painted & Detailed brake callipers
  • Lowered on 30mm @Eibach_Spring_UK springs
  • @IceLedLighting UFO Underglow, Ambient lighting in Foot wells, Boot & Engine bay –  shut off switch also added on interior.
  • Branded Custom made Steel Trim detail: 
  • Centre console panel
  • Dash vent trim, tweeter trim, door card centre, vent grips.
  • Carbon Fiber Mugen Grill, Slam Panel, Plug Cover & Inlet Manifiled Cover – with Streel Mugen Badge added
  • Heko wind deflectors
  • Skunk2 Metallic Red radiator cap
  • Metallic red wheel nuts, flush dipstick, Battery brace
  • Carbon Effect Battery Cover
  • Mugen Red Carbon fibre gear knob
  • Metallic Red Engine bay dress Kit & Red Hose kit
  • 4D Red & Black number plates
  • Carbon Fibre effect plate surrounds
  • Side Mirror Folding Module
  • Side Mirror Deflectors
  • Mungen Metallic Red oil cap
  • Red Upper strut Brace
  • Front splitter 
  • Seeker spoiler 
  • Vented J’s Racing Style Bonnet
  • Mugen Style Wings 
  • Front end Respray

Purchased & Waiting to be fitted and then she will be dubbed the ‘Carbon Princess‘:  

  • New Slam Panel
  • Skuttle Panel
  • Fuse Box Cover
  • Wing Mirror Covers
  • Exterir Door Handles
  • Door Pillars
  • Interior Door Handle Surrounds
  • Fuel Cap
  • Spoiler Lip
  • Rear Light Cluster
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Door Switch Covers
  • Gear Surround
  • Centre Compartment Cover
  • Vent Surround
  • Steering Rack Cover
  • Tweeter Surround,
  • Speaker Trim
  • Dash Board Panels

Help a long the way

Im very fortunate to have a few local businesses involved with my car; 

Ian at ‘The Worxs’ (@ianattheworxs) fitting my Head unit & Sound System, the Springs, organising the refurbishing of the Callipers as well as removing & refitting them… to list a few. He’s been my mechanic for a few years now, with previous cars, always ready with truthful advice. Highly recommended.

Dan from DVL Automotive (@dvl_automotive) Fitting all the Neons, Side Mirror Modules, Twin Sub Unit, Carbon Engine Bay additions, Neon Shut off switch. As well as fixing a few glitches along the way with my wipers after I had the wind screen replaced. Also adjusting my splitter positioning  and a lot of other jobs besides. 

Phil from @BrightWightValeting… Has been taking care of my car, making her look exceptional for photo shots, shows & meets. Awesome Guy & my trusted Valeter. If you’re local, check them out!!

I previously was involved with the online promotion of ‘The Riced Out Civic’. Beaut of a Car… go check it out @thericedoutcivic2019. Laurence helped me fine tune my ideas & fitted a few bits for me too, like my hose kit for example. We both attended a local show this summer, One that actually went ahead; Festival of Transport at The Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Looking forward to show Season 2021, although he will also be at the bigger UK shows, so please keep an eye open people!

From early on I had an idea in my head of  what I wanted for my car. From neons to the sound system etc.

Better together

I’ve been lucky with some great support & advice from close friends with car backgrounds. My mechanics, Vibe Audio, IcedLed, Carbon My Ride, Greenlight insurance to name a few who helped me get where I am with her so far, 7months down the line. Even with Pandemic conditions & Country Lockdown!

I’ve joined a few online groups; My Local Group, Wight Modified, as well as lots of UK groups such as Honda Lifestyle UK, Southern Modified UK, UK Honda Group, Modified Misfits,  Modified Girls, Miss Modified, HeadTurnersUK, HeadTurnersUK_IOW, Modified Car Collective, Modifed Outlaws, Modified Rides, Over Rev UK & Modified Clique, Insta-Carmunity, Sadboiraceclub, Stance UK, TheCarScene… to name a few. 

I’m also a member of a few FN2 & Honda Civic Facebook groups too. I’m always on the look out to join more. 

I’ve found being 1) Female & 2) on an Island, Its harder to get into the car scene. Not to mention my car isn’t the most desired in bigger groups, but that’s not the name of the game for me… MY CAR IS FOR ME!

Women are still given a harder time it seems, from my experiance & from others ive spoken to, there still is such a divide & preconception to Car Girls… but times are changing!! 

With this in mind I decided to start a local Girls Car Group!! You have to start somewhere right? In May this year, IoWCarGirls was created… We currently have over 300 members of local ladies. We had our 1st ‘Glam Meet’… more of a cruise.

We met up & drove to several island locations with 2 profesional photograhers taking lots of shot for us all. We have several smaller meets too.

Some great friendships have been made in this group. The ladies involved support & encourage & out of this I’ve met the Awesome Laura Lusted, (@ThatSkylineGal). Check out her new yourtube channel, She shares the same ethos, enthusiasm & energy about cars & the scene in general. 

A big aim of this group is to build the confidence of the ladies to encourage them to get involved in bigger car meets, which we attend with our local main group Wight Modified.

To attend shows either to support those showing cars or even to show their own. Futrure goals to bring the Island Car scene together that little bit more and we are certainly heading in the right direction. 

Future plans… well …The Group is in the process of being branded. A logo has been designed, involvement & huge help of @VisionDesigns, Chris & Adam.

My car is also having is rear windows wrapped with the group logo featured on the rear window & other brands, clubs etc on the side rears ready for show season 2021. The carbon all needs fitting too… so thats the next immediate steps. 

Looking forward… in the new year. Custom Headlights… Custom Exhaust Sytem… Air intake… Carbon Steering Wheel…. Personalised Plates… im sure the list will get longer.!

I’m loving every stage so far, from the planning, buying & getting her how I want, just for me.

Definitely caught the bug. Once I’m happy with her… I’ll be saving for the next car on the want list …. Honda Integra DC5 Type R!! The Honda collection begins!

Thanks for reading, Kerry 


Thank you to C.Delannoy Photography & J.M.R Media for the pictures

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