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How did I come to buy a twin turbo 300zx?

Back in 2013 I had a motorcycle accident causing major shoulder and wrist injuries. The injuries made driving my 1982 Porsche 924 pretty much impossible due to no power steering. This led me to look for my next car.

Initially I wanted a Mitsubishi 3000GT, however after looking at plenty I couldn’t find one I really wanted. This left me browsing EvilBay‚Ķ Where I stumbled across a Twin Turbo 300ZX, the only issue being it was over 230 miles away. After lots of talking and swapping of pictures with the seller, he agreed to take my Porsche in PX, so off to the south coast it was!

We completed the deal and I came home with the zed. A 3.0 twin turbo power house that when new gave out 300bhp. I’m not sure of the current figure but it’s quick enough, so I’m happy and have no real need to know at this point.

Side view of my Twin Turbo 300ZX

Making the 300ZX mine

First thing was to get the cambelt changed and a full service completed. The car had always been in the same family all of its life originally. Originally being in Marbella, Spain, owned by his dad before him. The service turned up no nasties at all so I was a happy man!

The car has a full wings west body kit but also originally had a huge rear Spoiler. This wasn’t really to my taste so I searched high and low for the current 99 spec’ spoiler which is now fitted. I replaced the whole wiring loom and upgraded the ECU. My next change to the car is the addition of a boost controller and remap, when funds allow.

The car is pretty much standard apart from aftermarket alloys and a full decat stainless exhaust system, it’s not stupid loud but a nice note. So the interior trim is not to everyone’s taste but I kinda like it and plan to re-do it in a similar black / green style in the future as it’s not been done very well by the previous owner. I continued the green theme under the bonnet as the pictures show with silicone hoses etc.

It still has the hicas rear steering fitted which was a huge leap of technology in the 1990’s and most get deleted by owners but I’ve kept mine as it’s another standard feature of the car. Its rare to find cars like these even close to stock form.

The green interior of my 300ZX

What’s next?

One of the big things on my wish list however is to switch to a manual gearbox rather than the auto box that’s fitted, This is something I’ll do when it gives way though as opposed to doing it just for the sake of it. Hell, I’m 46 and can live with it as it is lol.

One of the things I love to do is keep it looking good though, so enjoy nothing more than a good day washing, flatting and polishing it! Unfortunately it doesn’t get used much and has only covered 200kms between MOT last year and this year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to look great still.

My twin turbo 300zx reminds me of my recovery. Its a big part of my life and was a major part of the recovery from the injuries I sustained from the accident. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

It’s old, it’s fast and it’s fun, what more could you want from a 1990 car ?

The green theme continues

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Article written by Mark Cutts and edited by Rich_TheCarScene

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