Project TCS – 1 week to track day!

Mini Project TCS

Here we are, only 1 week to go until track day!

You would think we are obviously all fully prepped by now then yes? Er… No!

Assuming over 2 month prior would be plenty enough time to order items was our mistake. Whether its covid or brexit, something held things up for us!

The good news however is that with great support from JWS developments and a good mechanic friend, Lee Baxter, we are certainly on track to get on track!

Myself and Jay have been busy doing the work that we can by stripping pretty much most of the interior amongst other things in the weeks leading up to now.

Early stages of the strip!

JWS has done huge work on our Mini R53 track car, being the specialists they are. They got the timing spot on and her running sweet at 175bhp on a standard engine.

Lee then set to work on getting the manifold leak sorted for us months ago.

Shiny new manifold

Time passed by with not a care in the world. Over 8 weeks for our Tein advance Z coulovers to arrive… 3 week for our NS2R semi slick tyres…

Tein advance Z have finally arrived!

The R56 upgraded front brakes were the only bits that came in good time. Coupled with 294mm discs and yellow stuff pads, we are hoping these hold up better to track abuse than the r53 brakes and actually stop us! The HEL braided lines and Ate Typ 200 fluid will help too. As the R53 brakes were abysmal at best.

Brakes painted and waiting to be fitted.

All these bits have now been fitted by Lee.

So here we are.. 1 week and 2 days left until our Blyton track day in our R53 mini track car.

Crank seal leak discovered, NS2R tyres still to be fitted, more bits to be stripped, full set up of suspension and tracking. Oh and a good bloody clean! As it hasn’t seen soapy water in 6 month!

Think it can be done? It’s going to be tight but with the incredible skill and help from the guys at JWS Developments for the setting up and Lee finding a spare day next week for the seal, we are sure hoping so!

Looking sweet! Shame the oem wheels hide most of it though.

Let the fun begin! Bring on Blyton!

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