Project TCS – 2nd track day for the Mini

Mini Project TCS

Over 3 months since the last track day at Blyton and the day has arrived once again!

Plenty of time meant plenty of upgrades!

Upgrades such as a Miltek exhaust, 15% Kavs supercharger pulley, a Newman ph3/4 cam, 550cc injectors and a upgraded air intake. All this, along with a custom map from our friends at JWS Developments meant we now had a tasty 209bhp on tap.

Minimal body roll on the Tein coilovers!

So effectively we now had a mini with the power of a JCW but with a lot less weight. That will do for us for now!

We also have the bucket seat and a very tasty spoiler to be added, but unfortunately time hasn’t been on our side so that will have to wait for next outing!

The day started great. Well if you discard the fact I had to run back home for the tow eye!

As the day progressed I felt my confidence and pace increasing. Until lunch that was when the heavens opened.

Torrential rain and standing water made it a tough choice on whether it was safe to go back out again considering I was driving on NS2R semi slicks. I must have thought for a whole 5 seconds before coming to the conclusion of ‘what’s the worse that can happen’!

To my surprise, the mini was actually very predictable in the wet. Admitibly it couldnt corner for toffee, however you knew exactly where it would understeer slide to. At no point did it feel unsafe. Even if I did have to go at 80% pace, it was still fun!

By 2pm it had dried up so gave us another few hour to really test the car and myself. I also discovered that once the standing water had disappeared, the ns2r tyres warmed up and grip was back once again!

My best time of the day? 1:19.3 with plenty of 1:19s acheived. Massive improvement from the 1:23.7 best of last time. Just goes to show that power also does matter.

I still suggest brakes and then handling first, but power definitely does play a big role also.

I think even on this current set up, another couple of seconds atleast can be found, even in my amateur hands. Very exciting how fast we can eventually go!

Next up is Donington on the 28th November. Will be very interesting to see how the mini compares to when I did it in the Vectra VXR.

By the time we hit Donington we are hoping to be caged up with bucket seats and the spoiler fitted so make sure to check back to see the results!

If you own a track car, especially a Mini or BMW be sure to check out JWS Developments. Without them we wouldn’t have the Project TCS Mini. They made it achievable for us.

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