Project TCS – Blyton Park 30th May

Cars Mini Project TCS

The day finally arrived! Blyton Park, 30th May 2021!

The day we finally see how our mini goes for real.

With the timing chain done by JWS Developments as well as geometry set up. Well set up the best they could do with the limited adjustability we currently have.

JWS advised we need top camber plates as without enough camber, we are liable for understeer. Which I think is fair to say we probably did experience a little, but it still went fantastic! Just gives us room for improvement!

Current spec?

We are still pretty much stock engine and power wise, coming in at 175bhp on the dyno. However we have tried to atleast make it stop and handle the best we could in the budget and time we had.

Running Tein advance Z coilovers, we are somewhat mid range at best. Yet I really liked them and the way they were set! Yes there are better out there but for early days and our skill set at the moment, they do the job nicely.

Regards brakes, we opted for the r56 front brake upgrade swap.

Running bigger oem discs, Hel braided lines, Ate Typ200 fluid and yellow stuff pads. Again this isn’t top shelf stuff but more midrange.

These stopped us great. Massive improvement over the stock set up we had previously. They did get rather hot after a 15min stint, but I think a bit more cooling may help. Currently we have removed fog lights with a portion of the wheel liners removed. Possible improvement to be made there!

Tyres? At only £75 a tyre delivered, I couldnt refuse the NS2R from Tegiwa.

Had a lot of mixed reviews on these but as a budget track/semi slick tyre, they did the job well!

Only had 1 scary moment all day and that was due to me running far too high pressure when hot and braking hard when not perfectly straight. User rookie error to be fair.

Oh and we are half way towards our weight goals I’d say. All the easy bits have been stripped but theres more to come!

Close call! That’s what happens when air expands in hot tyres!

How did we get on?

This has got to be one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in the world of cars.

Out of all the shows I’ve done, the track session’s I’ve had etc, this really was up there.

Weather was perfect. Company was great. We had great support from a good friend in his T5 camper and bbq for breakfast and lunch. Between the group of us who went, we made a real good day of it!

All our cars held up well and all of us put in a lot of laps.

With over 100laps in the Mini, she did us proud. The tyres, brakes etc all still have plenty left on them and it made it back home in 1 piece!

Time wise, on a private session we managed a 1:23. Not the best but then I’m far from the best track driver also.

Leisurely lap or 2 of Blyton outer in our Mini Cooper S R53.

This atleast gives us a good baseline for future improvement. Whether that be hardware or skill and confidence.

What next?

Blyton 19th September, that’s what!

Unfortunately everything is pretty much booked up until mid August, but then we are quite heavily book in August personally. So September it is!

We have already lined up a fantastic spec for engine mods from JWS, including 15% supercharger pulley, cams, 550cc injectors, amongst other things!

We aren’t entirely sure what the end result will be power wise, but then that’s just a figure anyway. The real test will be on track!

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