Project TCS – New chains and Dyno

Cars Mini Project TCS

Project TCS has been quiet for some time now. Along with the on going Covid issues and lockdown, we’ve also had Christmas and New year to contend with.

It’s been taken slowly. However our Mini track car donor has now had a full health check from the experts at JWS Developments as well as big issues rectified.

As suspected the exhaust was indeed blowing, so the manifold gasket has been changed. It does still need additional exhaust work though as the flexi does seem to still have a slight blow.

This will give us reason to get a custom system made up soon though! So not major heart ache.

Timing chain rattles

Remember the rattle that developed in our very first video? Well yea… this was the issue..

A very slack timing chain!

JWS did their thing and quickly discovered the timing chain was slack! This wouldn’t have been helping performance at all!

So a timing chain kit later on the Mini R53 Cooper S, all fitted by JWS Developments and this was the result! Watch until the end to see how healthy she now is!

Our Project TCS Mini R53 Cooper S track car on JWS Developments brand new rolling road

What’s next?

So now that the mini is running tip top and with a very healthy heart, we are hoping to start increasing performance.

We have our starting figures in the form of dragy times for when we bought it with stretched chains.

We also now have a dyno run for the healthy Mini with new chains. Completely stock. Dragy runs will follow when the weather is a little better. These I expect to be a little faster than last time as no way was we running full potential with them chains.

After that, its diet time! Strict diet and off for dragy runs again!

Once tracks are open again, we will be straight on there and hopefully we are running a wee little beasty by then!

Would have been nice for a track day completely stock but atleast it means we can change the essentials before then such as the chinese tyres!

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