Project TCS – New Timing Chain 30-70

Cars Project TCS

Does a new timing chain increase performance? No. However if your old one was stretched or the tensioner weakened, then there is definitely a big increase in performance to be had!

Our Mini Cooper S started rattling randomly in our very first video. Since then we took it for performance runs, mainly 30-70mph on our gps dragy box. Most of these runs landed in the 8s.

A trip to JWS Developments for an health check discovered the timing chain to be needing changed.

The guys down there did a fantastic job with the timing and also changed us a few other bits and bobs.

The dyno showing 175bhp clearly showed it had done wonders for the Mini. However the real proof is out there on the road!

After only a few runs, I managed to get all the way down to 6.74! Given a few more runs, I’m sure it can be lower.

Admitibly i was a man down compared to previous runs, however around 1.5s is far too much time to gain for the weight of 1 man, in my opinion.

This run was done with a blowing manifold still. Now we have a Gravity manifold installed… it’s going to be interesting to see if we’ve gained anymore!

More to follow shortly now the stripping has also begun!

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