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A Vectra VXR is rare enough by anyone standards, with only 1001 made. A Purple Vectra VXR though? Yea that’s unique!

She didn’t start life in a purple shell. She was actually born silver, steadily losing her shine over the years due to previous neglect.

I don’t think the neglect was nessacarily deliberate. It was likely more of a daily drive kind of thing. More about the mentality of it not being a show car to them.

Looking pretty standard, oh how things change.

To me though, I fell in love from the word go. I knew I needed to modify this car and sculpt it into something that is simply me. Something I can treasure. There was just something special about this one.

From the moment I bought her, things went wrong. Oil leaks, ruined suspension, engine issues, misfires. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.

For a guy who knew nothing about cars 4 years ago, the purchase of this car swiftly meant I had to learn. It’s been a labour of love though.

Four whole years of determination has got us to where we are now. Learning as I went a long and making a few mistakes a long the way. We aren’t even done yet either!

Before the candy purple Vectra VXR was born

The fun begins

To begin with I stuck with the silver but added the 2 tone theme with black thrown in. Whilst I did like this theme, eventually I would take a different turn altogether and go for purple! The silver and black did me well for some years though!

Other than the cosmetics, such as the colour theme and the bumper side grilles, one of the first things I changed was the exhaust.

New exhaust and fully undersealed

The exhaust was a custom made full exhaust system with quad exhausts. This really does set the vectra apart from any of the others, that and the eventual colour of coarse!

Whilst the car was in the air I also had it professionally undersealed. If I’m doing this, I’m doing it properly!

Suspension was knackered so a set of stance plus coilovers were bought and fitted. These are known for their price point being very reasonable but I can’t fault them! Fits my driving perfectly and are actually comfortable!

Engine bay has been fully blinged up over the years.

The set up I have eventually settled with is capable of 400bhp+ however I’m only actually actually at 350bhp currently. This was mainly due to a little ‘issue’ revolving around a new TTV lightweight flywheel and paddle clutch being ruined at my tuning session.

It was supposed to be a good day, a day I hit 400bhp. A day it tied all the new parts together. Instead I ended up with an under tuned Vectra VXR with a burned out performance clutch and flywheel. The set up was ruined on the dyno.

For now I am back with a brand new standard clutch and flywheel set up but the power is ample for me right now.

The Purple Vectra VXR is born

After what seems an eternity and many colour cards I finally found my perfect colour. Candy purple, made to my specification!

Prep done ready for its colour.

My candy purple Vectra VXR now looks exactly as I imagined it would and I am over the moon with the final result.

Its a hard colour to flat perfectly but it wont take much more getting right.

Looking forward to finally getting to show it off after this covid has finished doing its rounds!

I suppose it gives me the time to get my white interior and purple stitching done in time for show season!

Candy purple perfection.

Full Specification

  • 350bhp 400ftlb with potential for 400bhp 500ftlb with new tune
  • 22t Hybrid turbo
  • Mamba actuator
  • Evo intercooler
  • 550cc Bosch injectors
  • Limited slip differential
  • MWP 3inch downpipe
  • Stainless 2.75in exhaust with 2 small back boxes and double twin tips
  • 3inch solid air in take from filter to turbo and cooler to throttle body
  • Engine bay dress up with silicone pipes
  • Strut brace
  • Inovit 19 inch diamond cut alloys with black inserts
  • Stance+ coilovers

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