RAF museum Cosford 09/08/20

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What was a very modest, last minute, meet turned out to be a cracking day out. RAF museum Cosford may just be one of the best venues for a group of mates to appreciate their cars, whilst also bringing their family for the day.

What is RAF Cosford?

Located near Wolverhampton, RAF museum Cosford is a museum packed full of armed forces history.

This was actually my first time at Cosford and I can honestly say there were far more aircraft than I actually expected. Not only that but missiles, tanks and cars. There really was plenty to keep the kids, and big kids interested.

Some lovely retro cars on display.

I think you would struggle to spend all day here. However if you couple it with a car meet, it’s certainly possible.

Entry is usually free with just a £5 parking charge. However with a car rally, they allow you exclusive access to a entire car park for a small fee, along with a £5 parking charge. It cost our 11 cars today a tiny £8.34 each.

The meet

This wasn’t an official meet. It was actually a last minute Vectra VXR owners mini meet. Adam, who arranged it, asked if anyone at The Car Scene would like to join though on the night payment had to be made so a few of you did!

We all met at the local service station and convoyed in at 10am.

7 Vectra Vxr, a Fiesta, a Golf R, a VXR8 and a Saab convertible were our weapons of choice.

After a bum clenching convoy in, due to a closed main road we had to resort to single track back lanes. Not great in your pride and joys but luckily we met no traffic!

Once we arrived, admission was super smooth and we were parked however we felt fit, with in no time. We had a very sizable area all to ourselves! All for the princely sum of £8.34 each car! Which works out £2.08 each family member for us! Bargain!

After parking, taking as many spaces as possible for 11 cars, photos were taken by anyone who thought to do so. Yes I did forget!

It’s a meet with a difference though. There are actually things to keep the family interested whilst we chat about paint jobs and bigger turbos!

With chatting, looking around, having lunch, chatting more and looking around once again. Then chatting one more time. We eventually left around 3pm.

It was a 90 minute drive for us. However it gets the thumbs up from all the family and we will certainly be back even without a meet.

The staff at Cosford are also all very welcoming and friendly. Which is always nice when it comes to car meets. You want to be somewhere you feel welcomed!

For the money, it’s certainly a venue I’d recommend car clubs to take advantage of. We will certainly be back with a bigger, more varied selection of cars next time around.

Watch this air space!


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