Rich’s history of motors


Everyone has a few things they’d rather forget. However my history of motors is not one of them. Whilst some of them may have been questionable, they were still mine. They were still my babies at the time and some of them I genuinely regret selling. None more so than my Honda CBR929RR Fireblade.

Ok, I know its not a car but it still shapes my passion for motors!

My passion for Cars and motors in general started from a young age with go karting I think. Its that’s or flying over the fields on an Honda Melody scooter! I’ve always had a passion for going fast. If you can call a Honda Melody fast haha.

Even in to my adult years I couldn’t let my inner child grow up so I made a twin engine pro kart in Mario kart guise! Very good fun renting out the local track with half a dozen mates with their karts. I suppose that explains my love for tracks too, when I get chance to go anyway!

Childish? Maybe! But bloody good fun!

I passed my Car test at the age of 17, followed by my Bike test at 24. They both add to my motor thrills in equal measures. The bikes will always be the outright performance machines they are designed to be. Get a car with enough power though and whilst not as quick in a straight line, it will more than make you smile!

The Cars

I started off with a 1997 ford ka rust bucket. But it was my rust bucket. It was the days of Max Power and I even had the wiper spoilers to suit! However it wasn’t long until I moved on to a bigger car, a full E36 M3 replica with the smallest engine of coarse! Unfortunately I don’t have the pictures as that would require finding the prints! How times have changed.

Yes it looks like a clip off Crime Stoppers but it was 2009! Give me a break!

My MG TF was the first car I was really proud of having. A 4 year old sports car at the age of 20 when I originally bought it. I was so immensely proud that I even bought a private plate, that I stupidly let go with the car! If you see this plate, please let me know! I will buy it back! I kept it for a couple of year until I went for a big V6 3.2 Vectra C GSi.

It looked good in its day, trust me!

The GSi I kept for a few year. Its the one that got away! Even though performance wise its not even close to my VXR, there was something about it. It came with literally every factory option available including a sunroof and even a phone that took a sim card in the car! High tech stuff for its day.

Believe it or not that was lowered haha. I had also had it custom mapped to approximately 230bhp. I thought it was untouchable. Or at least I did until I bought an house so sold it in favour of cheaper to run (and faster) motorbikes.

My Motorbike history in 1 picture.

5 Years on a bike, most of which was my Fireblade (Damn I loved that bike). It was time to move back to the car scene. What better way than with a modern classic? Ok so most may think Ive used a bit of a loophole here for cheap insurance, but it was cheap to buy, cheap to insure and was actually quick!

FTO GPX Mivec Manual

These are one of the hidden gems of the motoring world in my opinion. Unfortunately they all got a bad name due to the auto box, but get a good one with a manual box and the gpx engine then you’re on to a winner. These will happily keep pace with an ep3 Civic type R.

To my surprise I then found that a 225 Audi TT is some how a classic? Result! £160 insurance.

Great car, but too stable and sedate for my taste. Working with old photos here so forgive half a roof!

Please check out the next page for the End result!

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