Santapod RWYB 10/10/20

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I’m a huge fan of Santapod RWYB. Well Santapod in general in all fairness! Unfortunately today did not really go quite to plan.

We all had high Hope’s for the the 1/4 mile leaderboard

Early bird catches the worm

Or so they say!

We always make it a point of business to arrive at Santapod RWYB early doors. If you get there for around 8-8:30am then you have plenty of time to sign on, set up camp and have breakfast. Then the fun begins!

The track usually opens for 9:30am. Unfortunately today took some drying out so it didnt open until 10:30. Not the end of the world, however it just never really got going.

In all the years I’ve been going, today was an exception and certainly not the norm. Usually I’d expect half a dozen runs in the first hour before it starts getting busy. It’s not unusual to get bored by mid afternoon due to having too many runs!

With multiple hold ups from rain, a riderless motorbike and a gearbox falling off (our very own Dan Rayment in his 405bhp Vectra VXR! Don’t worry though, it’s fixed already!). We only managed a measly 3 runs.

This was a shame as many of us, including myself, were hoping to really test our cars after drastic changes to the set ups.

We had the 3 top Vectra VXR in the country there but none of us could get the power down due to how wet it was! With such little runs too, we barely scraped 13s.

How did we do?

In a word, rubbish!

Along with it being wet conditions, there was a huge head wind. Jason was aiming for low to mid 11s but unfortunately only managed 12.06 @ 117 in his 3000GT and I only managed 13.97 @ 107.18 in the Vectra VXR. I should have comfortably hit mid 13s and a little more speed but that will have to wait until next time when I get my Michellin Pilot Sport 4s and better conditions!

Of the 15+ that attended with TheCarScene, I didn’t hear of anyone breaking any personal bests unfortunately.

Don’t let it put you off!

Not to worry though! It won’t put us off visiting again soon enough and it certainly shouldn’t you. You can’t help the british weather! We hear the weather on next day at the GTI Festival was amazing! I wonder if our cars could have passed as a GTI!

The following weeks weather was glorious too with a tail wind! Yet hardly anyone showed for it. Probably put off by the week before!

Santapod really is one of my favourite places to be. I’ve been on circuits such as Donington but yet there just something about that 1/4 mile stretch at Santapod RWYB. It’s true, raw test of the power of your vehicle. It let’s you find firmly where you stand amongst the performance and modified cars.

Even if you’re not racing yourself, theres the social aspect (during none covid times!) and such a varied array of cars! Hot rods, super cars, sports, modified, pretty much everything you possibly wish to view.

I will have to be back soon to break the Helmet wearing barrier of 110mph. I’m confident I’m at that point with a tailwind behind me.

We just hope next years calender is a little more full and shows can go a head as normal!

With more than 2-3 runs, there should also be more to write about next time and a lot more action shots!

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