The Car Scene Competitions have arrived


The Car Scene strives to raise as much money for the charity Ashgate Hospice as possible. Last month we raised a whopping £4869 to help support them in their amazing work. This was raised via our Main event and other fund raising efforts.

They helped our dad tremendously and it meant alot to him to help them as much as we could so they can keep helping other families.

With Coronavirus now putting a halt to main events we need to keep our efforts going in other forms. Please note that the dyno day may still be able to go ahead! We are currently in talks to try and save the day! Again this will be in aid of Ashgate Hospice.

This has made us progressively further our scope to other ideas. This is where competitions come in!

The expense of running such competitions is fairly high and we do have on going costs, aswell as needing to make money for the next prize. We do however intend on donating a portion of the competition proceeds into our quarterly Ashgate Hospice fund to keep things rolling during these bad times with the virus.

Please head over to our Competitions page to see our latest competitions available.

You can also enter our free Facebook competition and help us spread the word. This will help us tremendously. It will mean we get bigger and raise even more for Ashgate Hospice for future events. All whilst giving you the chance to win some fantastic tools for free.

We have actually been to Ashgate today to hand over the funds from last month. Be sure to keep an eye out in the coming days for our hand over photos of last months funds.

It’s a rough ride at the moment but let’s all stick together and get through this. Keep positive, theres light at the end of the tunnel! There might even be a prize at the end for you too!

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