The evolution of the Civic Type R

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We all have a guilty pleasure. For many of us, that pleasure is a good thrash in a fun and lairy hot hatch. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Honda Civic Type R. Honda’s answer to the market.

Whilst there may be many hot hatches to choice through the generations, one that has kept coming back for more over the past 23 years is the Civic Type R.

It’s never been the most out right powerful hot hatch but theres always been something about it that gained it such a huge following. The handling? The styling? The badge? The image? The reliability?

What ever it is, it just works!

So much so, that the EP3 at one point you’d have struggled to nip to Tesco for a 4 pint of milk without having a traffic light grand prix with one. They were sold by the bucket loads.

High revving, all out fun. Honda deffinately got something right.

Let’s take a journey through the evolution of the Civic Type R.

First up the EK9 from the late 90s!

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