TheCarScene Ashgate Hospice Car Show 2020


TheCarScene Ashgate Hospice car show started life as a small car meet. The plan was to get a few like minded people together with their cars to raise money for Ashgate Hospice. What resulted was a 160 car strong mini charity car show.

Our dad passed away just an hour before our last car meet that ended up as a huge success for our first meet. Ashgate Hospice was very close to his heart near the end, so all of this is to continue his mission that he had in his last few days. We never managed to make it to the first meet so Nick managed to hold the fort with just the help from his father in law, Norm. He obviously did something right as you all returned but in bigger numbers this time!

With the lead up to the event and the day itself we raised a grand total of £4661, of which £2904.13 was raised directly from the event. However this number is still rising due to the remaining tombola items being auctioned!

All of this money will be going to Ashgate hospice and we will continue to support them, with everything we do contributing to them.

This event will be an annual event and will be our main show, but all our events will contribute to some degree, with such as some of the ticket sales going to them. Let’s keep this support going please guys! It’s much appreciated and I’m sure the hospice is extremely grateful.

The Event

Now you know the background and what it’s all about, let’s get on to the actual event itself!

We opened officially at 2pm. So I’m sure you understand when I say we were shocked to see a 60s Mustang, a Willys Jeep and a vintage truck pull up before 12:30! What fantastic first guests! Lovely people too.

Most people were eager so started turning up around 1:30. The RS owners club was definitely a sight to see queuing to get in, holding the street up! Some fantastic RS models there and we hope they come again to the next!

The diversity of the motors we had on show that turned up was amazing. How many meets or mini shows do you genuinely see this sort of variance? We genuinely had every niche catered for. Classic, custom, retro, modified, prestige, super, sports and even a v8 twin turbo hot rod pick up!

My highlights of the cases included the Hot rod, the Bentley, the Licthfield GTR, the brand new supra, the anglias, classic Mustang and pretty much ever car there! Haha.

It’s a shame my car was used to secure the gazebo as I unfortunately lack the photos of mine now, as I don’t think it was too photogenic for the 3 photographers we had there that day!

You can see exactly what people thought of our mini charity car show by checking out our Facebook page reviews. Based on this and our facebook group response and activity, we know the next show will be just as great, busy and diverse. The next will be held at the same location at the same time. SUNDAY 27th September, 2pm at the Shirebrook Staff sports and social club. If you’re wanting to show, please turn up early (1:30pm). Let’s try to crack 200 cars this time everyone! The next may not be the main authorised Ashgate hospice car show that this one was but it will still raise a little for them and will contribute to the main event again next year by keeping momentum going!

Please check out the main raffle prizes and winners.

A bar, good food, hundreds of diverse and unique cars and dry weather, what more could have been hoped for? It really was a great afternoon.

If you came and would like to suggest anything we could do to make it even better please get in touch or leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you.

Photos contributed from several social sources including Al calamita, Custom carscenes and Ignition.

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