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I’ve always took a very keen interest in cars. In fact anything with a motor gets me buzzing. Many people know me through my cars I’ve had. I’ve had my fair share of cars ranging from a Renault GT5 Turbo to a Impreza STI. Most of these cars I have made my own. They don’t stay standard for long! I’ve always had a soft spot for Hot Rods though.

I was scrolling through Ebay last Summer, as I’m sure many of you can relate to, doing my usual “Unfinished Projects” scour. Eventually I came across the Pop and it was love at first site. I simply turned round to my wife and said “I need it!”

With my Dad passing away in July 2019, I saw this as not just a car, but also an opportunity to bond with my father in law more. He has a huge passion for classic Fords so I knew this was the perfect car for us both to get stuck in to. It gave us something to share and to pick each others brains. We couldn’t wait!

The only issue with the car was the fact it had been in an accident, however that didn’t bother me as I knew it’s something we could fix! So off the low loaded went to collect it for me. When it arrived though I don’t know who was more excited! Me, the wife or the kids!

Bring her back to life!

I searched and searched for parts to bring it back to life, but they were very far and few between! It was only when I managed to locate its original builder, Martin Hughes, who kindly offered to donate the parts I needed! He wanted to see her back on the road and being enjoyed. After a bit of a road trip, we were good to go.

It’s been a labour of love for not just me, but for my wife (Sam) and father in law too (Nigel). Nigel even let me restore in in his garage as mine is still occupied by my Bug hot rod that I’ve been building now for the past 5 year.

I really do love the beast, that love hasn’t faded yet. It makes me smile from ear to ear whenever I drive it. The feeling you get from the power can only be likened to the same feeling you got as a kid at Christmas.

Since owning the car I have fitted a tubular manifold and custom downpipe. The turbo has also been changed, after I managed to blow the last one up! There’s still a lot more to do on the car, but after lockdown began I just wanted to get out in her and enjoy it before Winter hits!

I’m not one for planning a head. I tend to have what my wife called “Brainwaves” so watch this space!

Full spec on the next page!

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